What I read this week – 31st week 2020

This week I’ve written about what I’ve learnt in the past month of running Nom Nom Not Dairy, which covers micromanagement, goal-setting and continuous learning. I’ve been busy moving from Switzerland to the UK this week, and have spent quality time with friends, so my reading hasn’t been extensive, but it has been interesting.

Relativity – Escher

What I read

The first topic this week is Inversion. Inversion is a problem solving technique in which you think instead about how to avoid causing the problem, rather than solving it. For example, to speed up boarding times on airplanes, think instead about how to avoid delays (a pertinent example as I am writing this sat on an airplane). A linked idea is from an article called Avoiding Stupidity is Easier than Seeking Brilliance, which is what is says in the title.

This week I listened to a podcast from Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism on how McKinsey invented consulting. The podcast brilliantly explained how McKinsey branded itself as the best of the best, but also helped in the downfall of the American middle class. For me, this helps contextualise the current undercurrent which is shifting from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism. That is, moving from maximising value of the company to optimising the wellbeing we everyone who is involved in the company at any point.

The last thing this week is a shocking piece on China’s oversea fishing operation. Please go read it, it is a pressing issues.

What I watched

This week I’ve been using more Skillshare, and I’ve been watching a Business Writing course. The course has been super clear and brilliantly taught, and has so far covered topics such as thinking about the audience, avoiding bureaucratisme, and some general rules for good and bad writing. To sign up for skill-share and get 2 months free, click here.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any suggestions for something to read. Thanks, Callum

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