Three Magic Pills

What if I told you that there were three magic pills that between them could do anything from making you more attractive to making you happier to making you kinder and more caring? Let me tell you about them. They are called SS8, 150ME, and MM. And I’ll preface with this fact: all of these effects have been studied and are in published papers.


SS8 has been proven to increase your ability to focus, make you more creative and help you learn better, whilst fighting dementia. It also gives you more energy and helps you fight unhealthy cravings. In addition to these lifestyle benefits, it can help prevent cancer, reduce the risk of heart attack and fight diabetes. Finally, it makes you more attractive, happier, and have lower stress.


What about 150ME? Well, in addition to weight control and being more attractive, your sexual performance is improved, as is your sex drive, and it battles erectile dysfunction (in women it has been proven to lead to more orgasms). More energy, less fatigue, less anxiety, better mood, as well as better skin and better sleep quality are all things that 150ME can do for you. Finally, 150 helps battle diabetes and certain type of cancer.


And MM? Improving information processing, focus, attention and memory, it also helps prevent Alzheimer’s. However, the most significant effects of MM are reduced anxiety and depression, and a boosted self-esteem, along with feeling more compassionate and caring.


So far, the positives seem amazing, life changing almost. Well, I’m doing a special giveaway, where you can get any of these for FREE! That’s right, free, not even postage. To get them all you have to is read to the end of this essay and do what I say.

Some of you might have clocked by now what SS8, 150ME and MM are. SS8 is Sufficient Sleep (8 hours), 150ME is 150 minutes of Moderate Exercise each week, and MM is Mindful Meditation. There are no pills, no medication that can deliver on all of these promises.

But imagine if they did exist. Wouldn’t they be life changing? Especially if you took them all at once? Out of the lists of effects above, there is probably at least one, if not more, that you would like to have. And you can. As I said, they are all 100% free, and implementable. All that needs to happen is you need to make each of them a priority.

Want inspiration? For sleep, read Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. For exercise, read 4-hour Body by Tim Ferris or No Sweat by Michelle Segar. For meditation, try 10% Happier by Dan Harris or The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Naht Hanh.




Sleep: focus, creativity, memory, energy, stopping cancer, heart attacks, stress, attractive, less craving, dementia, diabetes, happier and lower anxiety. (All sourced from Why We Sleep)

Exercise: weight control, looking good, happiness (endorphins), lower anxiety, , energy/less fatigue, better sleep, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, colon/breast cancer, better skin, sleep quality, better sexual performance and drive, more orgasms, battle erectile dysfunction.

Meditation: stress, anxietydepression, self-esteem, attention, sleep better, information processing, memory, prevents Alzheimer’s.