Minimalist Media

We all know what minimalism is. It’s about getting rid of the stuff that isn’t important to make room in your life for the things that are. But what if you were to apply the same principles to the way you consumed media, not just physical commodities?

Consume Intentionally

Minimalism is about intention. Intentional consumption, intentional ownership. Transferring the concept over to media is simple: it is just intentional media consumption. Every day we see hundreds of posts by people and companies. What if every single one of those posts added value and taught you something? Follow blogs, artists and creators that add to your life and motivate you. Unfollow people and companies that are selling impossible ideals or who you really wouldn’t miss from your feed.

The fact is that the more time you spend on social media, the more likely you are to have depressive symptoms. Spending less time on social media isn’t a bad idea. Cutting down on the number of things you follow and the number of platforms you are active on will free up more time for more important things. Minimalism isn’t just about stuff, it can apply to time and obligations too.

Unfollowing the superfluous users and companies may be a big change. For a lot of people, just giving a follow or a follow-back is the standard. If we meet someone once at a party, we add them on Facebook and give them a follow on Instagram. Despite the fact that we will most probably never see that person again, they will pop up on our feed and take up mental capacity.

Unless the posts make you happy, teach you something or encourage you on your path, don’t follow.