Create Something Small

Before starting a project, especially if that project is to be launched in public, there is often am apprehensive pause. We can imagine the final product, gleaming, huge and perfect, before we even get started. This can cause a moment of fear and anxiety. Fear of judgement (what if it isn’t good enough?) and anxiety of how much work it will need.

The fact is that what you release to the public now probably isn’t going to be gleaming and perfect. It doesn’t need to be. The only way to learn to create better is to create, so it doesn’t matter what you create now, as long as you create something. After all, if you are creating something then you are ahead of 99% of the internet anyway.

So whatever it is that you want to create, try not to think about the perfect impossible end product. Think instead about the imperfect possible. Imperfect, but better than yesterday. Imperfect, and much, much better than creating nothing.

What are you apprehensive about creating? Let me know at, or on Twitter @cm42721.